Changed name, This Nandigram is Now ‘Mamatamoyee Nagar’

Changed name, This Nandigram is Now ‘Mamatamoyee Nagar’
There was a location called “Nandigram”. Today, it’s “Mamtamoyee Nagar“. However, this isn’t. It’s the Nandigram located in East Midnapore. This Nandigram is located in the Alipurduar district in West Bengal.

The area was a portion of the Patotala region of Shamuktala, which was settled over two decades ago. Since the beginning, the land grab was a huge issue. The residents of the region were without water as well as electricity for an extended period. However, when there was a land move in Nandigram in the area, residents began calling their region Nandigram after seeing the love from the original name. This name also earned its place on the register.

After many struggles, power finally arrived on October 9, the 9th day of the week.

The inhabitants of Nandigram have named their village Mamatamoyee Nagar to express their gratitude. Residents of the Gram Panchayat member Shibani Debnath said, “After an extended wait for electricity, the village was able to be connected at last the day of this event. Following that, the residents would like to call the town Mamatamoyee Nagar.”

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Trinamool District chairman Mridul Goswami has said the same thing. Bhola Biswas Vice President of Bhola Biswas, Vice-President of Shamuktala region, told the media, “In fact, Nandigram is linked to a person who was a traitor to the party. Therefore, the locals wanted to get rid of the name.”

However, does the term Nandigram connected to only one individual? Mamata Banerjee herself was the chief of this movement. Trinamool District President Prakashchik Barack said, “That is the reason why residents want to have the name of the village to be in that of the Chief Minister’s name.”

After a long waiting period of twenty years, the town has been able to get electricity, and it’s happening in the days before the state’s most important event, Durga Puja. The power supply to the village will provide an increase in the economic activity within the region.

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