Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai Faces Flak For Calling Moral Policing out of police stations

Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai Faces Flak For Calling Moral Policing out of police stations

Karnataka Chief Minister of Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai, is coming under controversy for his recent remarks about moral policing cases within the state. On Wednesday, media representatives wanted to know Bommai’s thoughts on BJP MLA Umanath Kotian escorting two people who were accused of moral police policing’ case out of a police station after their release on bail interim as well as Bommai stated that moral policing was the natural reaction that happens when people’s feelings are hurt.

Bommai stated, “This is a highly delicate issue. In the world everyone has to be accountable. There are many opinions and one must act in a manner that does not hurt sentiments. If sentiments get hurt reactions and actions are likely to occur.”

He added that “Along with the responsibility of the government to protect the law, everybody is required to be accountable, and everyone should cooperate. Children must make sure that the feelings of the society don’t get hurt. This is a social issue. Do we really live a moral life? What is in our in our control is the morality of us. If there’s no morality there will be reactions and actions. reactions.”

The recent comment on moral policing by Bommai is in stark contrast to earlier statements. Bommai previously stated that his government would tackle ethical policing issues strictly after one such incident was revealed in Bengaluru in September.

Bommai’s remarks have been widely criticized not just on social media but as well in political circles. In a string of tweets, the former chief minister of the state and Congress heads Siddaramaiah challenged Bommai’s capability to ensure law and law and order.

“You accept your inability to ensure law and order, by justifying moral policing conducted by a few anti-social people. You must resign to save Karnataka. Women of good character are targeted in Karnataka and you’re protecting the vile elements of society,” he tweeted.

Siddaramaiah Also, Siddaramaiah asked if Chief Minister planned to dismantle the Police Department and hand the law and order department to RSS or was he looking to create Junge Raj.

In response, Bommai went on Twitter and said that Siddaramaiah is “the symbol that is anti-Hindus.

“While you were CM that you became an symbol of the anti-Hindus, by being killed Hindu activists like Tippu Sultan did under his time and I need not take administration lessons or policing from your example, we have a able police force that can tackle law and order issue that was a slumbering duck under your regime,” he tweeted.

“All I’ve stated was that in our society , there is a response to each act and the law will follow its own course , unlike your own time. Hindus are killed to the left and center and right now, you need to keep an eye to yourself. God knows what you do when you lie in bed with blood in your fingers,” he added.

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